Thanks for stopping by. I’m Janet, and this is my blog about my efforts to make clothes – mainly for me, but sometimes for my family and friends too.

I’m interested in learning how to sew clothes that fit really well, and that I’ll wear over and over again – the sort of thing it’s really hard to find in the shops.

As this blog grows, I’d like to create content that’s helpful for other people, mixing tips and advice with stories of my successful – and less successful – makes. I’m also hoping to get some tips from more experienced makers along the way.

I love chatting to other sewists, so don’t be shy – tell me what you’re making at the moment, leave a comment or ask a question. You can also find me on Instagram.

Thank you



  1. Hi Malvern . I like your blog you crate interesting cloths . I start knitting and I saw you have got very nice hat Big Alps Beanie Knitting Kit. Have you got pattern how to do it this hat ? I will be very happy if you share whit me . Thank you Mariola


    • Hi Mariola – it’s a simple cable knit pattern in super–chunky wool, so it knits up quickly (at least, it does if you knit faster than me!) I bought the pattern as part of a kit from Stitch & Story. I don’t think I should share it online without their permission, so you might be best getting in touch with them and seeing if they sell the pattern separately. Good luck! – Janet https://www.stitchandstory.com/pages/contact


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