Re:made – a long shirt story



About eleventy billion years ago, I thought I’d make my husband a second Fairfield shirt. To help it fulfil a different function in his wardrobe from the first one, I chose the short-sleeved version in a blue cotton gingham to give him a more summery shirt, intending it as a surprise gift. But that didn’t exactly work out… he looked more like an extra from The Office in it than either of us was prepared to admit.

The unloved shirt languished in my wardrobe for a while after that as I tried to work out whether to donate it, try to rehome it, or just to abandon it altogether. My Dad isn’t a big shirt-wearer, my son is probably ten years away from fitting this size, and I couldn’t quite bear to throw out that much work, so I set myself to alter it so that it might get some wear.

I sourced more of the same fabric from the Organic Textile Company (the original piece was from Draper’s Daughter but they had sold out by then). I had to painstakingly unpick the flat-felled sleeve seams (aaaargh) and cut a new pair of long sleeves, complete with the little sleeve tabs you can see in the featured image for this post – how cute are they?

I made a couple more tweaks to the fit along the way. Mr Wardrobe definitely doesn’t have big, beefy Matt Damon-type arms, so I reduced the total ease in the sleeve cap a little, which also made it easier to set the sleeves in. I also opted to use less interfacing in the cuffs than last time (this is a suggestion in the pattern instructions) which gives it a less crisp-office-wear, more lived-in-favourite feel.

I narrowly missed my self-imposed deadline of his 40th birthday over the summer, but it’s all done now, including the gorgeous olive-wood buttons.

I really like how it’s turned out, but he maintains he doesn’t find shirts that comfortable any more, so I don’t know yet if it’ll get worn or not. I’m just going to quietly tuck it away in his wardrobe and see what happens next time he’s invited out somewhere… shhhh!


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