Looking back – and forward

I didn’t feel like making any sewing resolutions on 1 January this year. Then I had a frantic period at work. But this week I finally began to feel like looking forward to making sewing plans for the year ahead, so I thought I’d start by reflecting on last year’s list.

My 2018 Plans Were:


  1. Jeansat the sewing workshop I went to in March
  2. A smart or semi-smart winter coat
  3. Linen trousers
  4. Summer robe/dressing gown in viscose challis

Didn’t happen

  1. More jeans – the hot summer put me off making more
  2. Needlecord trousers – I was disheartened by the fitting problems with the linen ones
  3. Wide-leg trousers – same!
  4. A sweatshirt or hooded top – this keeps getting pushed back, but it’s slowly rising up the queue
  5. Kids trousers in cotton twill/denim – I bought RTW instead!
  6. Sew Over It Anderson blouse – bit daunting, not found the fabric yet
  7. Sew Over It Betty dress in a drapier fabric with the scoop neck and sleeves add-on pack – when would I actually wear this?
  8. Winter day dress for work – no urgent need…
  9. Lots of shirts – can’t decide on the pattern…
  10. PJ bottoms in cotton flannel, rayon challis or double gauze – next but one in my queue!

Happened, but didn’t work out well enough to blog

  1. Vest/tank jersey tops including a bra shelf to wear with PJ bottoms – I tried two versions of the Seamwork Julia pattern but both were trickier than I’d hoped and didn’t work out
  2. A pair of comfy PJ bottoms for my husband – I didn’t buy enough fabric so I had to sacrifice matching the checks on the pattern and I wince every time he wears them!

WIP and UFOs

  1. Knitted Lilian cardigan – still underway
  2. Convert unloved checked shirt to long sleeves with sleeve tabs – hmmm, can’t quite face this one yet
  3. Replace the bodice on an very old favourite (unblogged) dress for a better fit
This is a shirt I made
18 months since I almost finished this shirt, and it’s still hanging in my wardrobe waiting for a re-fashion!

Overall I used up nine pieces of fabric. Life got in the way a bit last autumn, so I sewed a bit less than usual and I’ve had to impose a fabric-buying ban on myself again until 1 March to prevent my stash from growing back.

What interested me about the process of making this list was just how annoyed I felt chalking up my UFO and WIPs. These are projects I’ve invested time, money and thought into that could become much-loved wardrobe items but aren’t any use to anyone right now.

It reminded me of something I read a while ago, that

‘sometimes self-care means dealing with the thing that’s been longest on your to-do list’.

I wish I could remember where I read that. If you’re reading this, and you wrote it, I’d like to say thank you!

So that’s my resolution for this year. To stop putting off the things that require tough decisions (Curated Closet project, I’m looking at you!) and to address my WIPs and UFOs.

How about you? What sewing plans and projects do you normally put off?



  1. don’t feel bad –
    I’ve had a partially finished simple top in a nice fabric sitting on my sewing table for over 2 months!
    No idea if it will work out or not…


    • Good luck. I’m intrigued by the reasons we put these things off. (For me, it’s always the awkward, potentially disastrous stages that I don’t want to face up to.)


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