Stripy summer t-shirt


No, not for me this time. It’s not exactly my size.

My little boy is growing yet again, and since he lives in t-shirts and I don’t much like doing laundry (!) I thought I’d make him a new top to add to his wardrobe for the summer holidays. It was almost free, because I had some of this lightweight viscose jersey leftover from a top I’m making for myself.

Out came my Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt pattern, and after my sweatshirt mishap earlier in the year I cut the size 7 again, since this viscose jersey has lots more stretch than sweatshirting.

It fits him neatly, so I think I’ll cut the 8 if I make it again soon. I added around an inch to the length, plus I had to make his now-standard ‘big head adjustment’ – BHA, cutting the neckline opening in the next size up and enlarging the neckband.

I’m quite pleased with how this one’s turned out, and he says he likes it too so everyone’s a winner!

I’d love to try adding some fun applique on the front – I really like Boden’s animal and sports applique t-shirts for kids. If you’ve done anything like this, or you know of a good tutorial on where to start, could you point me in the right direction?

Thank you x


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