Renfrew two


Just a quick post to show you my second Renfrew top – although it’s not for me this time.

Like me, my sisters are tall ladies (we’re 5’10”, 5’7″ and 5’8″), and all three of us have problems finding tops that are long enough to cover our tummies – and that keep our gibbon arms warm in winter!

Fiona and I are a very similar shape (hugely long in the body, and we both fit the Sewaholic bottom-heavy type), so I said I’d sew up a Renfrew top for her for Christmas. She picked out the long-sleeved, scoop-neck variation and tried on my test version to check the fit. After plenty of cake and tea we decided to make the size 12 for her, with 1″ removed from the body length so it stops at her top hip, and we removed 2″ from the sleeve length. That, I didn’t expect – but the full length sleeves seemed to swamp her, and me.

For the fabric, she picked  a supremely useful basic black cotton jersey from Girl Charlee. The fabric has a small percentage of spandex in the mix, so it should recover well. Following a tip from Liesl Gibson’s post on pre-washing, I chucked it in the tumble dryer after washing, just to be 100% certain it wouldn’t shrink after sewing it up.

It sewed up in the same way as my first one, except that I could not for the life of my get the neckband on neatly. (I must have made some kind of mistake, because my first one went on beautifully.) After much swearing and cursing, I reverted to this Threads tutorial for some help, and finally got it the right length…at which point my overlocker decided to chew it up and I had to start all over again. On 20 December.

In the end, it was all OK. I’ll own that the neckband on this one is a little bit less perfect, but it’s good enough. And if I manage to persuade her to be photographed in it for the blog, I’ll add a picture of it on her, too!



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