An unloved shirt


I haven’t finished this shirt.

It started out as a surprise birthday present for Mr Wardrobe and it’s been languishing in my UFO pile since August.

The problem isn’t the pattern – it’s the Thread Theory Fairfield shirt, which I made him last Christmas and he still refers to as his ‘best shirt’.

It’s not the fabric, either. That’s a gorgeous organic cotton woven check in light navy that I found at Draper’s Daughter (now sold out).

The problem is that I didn’t think this through all together. I thought a short-sleeved shirt would be a great summer birthday present . But I forgot that there’s a reason he doesn’t own any short-sleeved shirts – they don’t suit him.

My husband’s a wiry, long and lean shape. Basically, he’s built like cyclist Chris Froome, only he doesn’t look quite so much like an undernourished weasel. Short-sleeved shirts make his slim arms look like twigs. Twig-arms in a checked short-sleeved shirt make him look more than a bit geeky, and that’s not quite the look he’s going for. So it’s been sitting in my UFO pile ever since he tried it on. I haven’t had the heart to finish the hem or do the buttonholes, but other than that it’s finished.

I think I have three choices:

  1. Try to locate more of the same fabric elsewhere, unpick the flat-felled short sleeves and replace them with long sleeves. Major PITA, but it would probably get worn. If I can find the right fabric.
  2. Donate it, but – given that I’ve adjusted it to fit Mr Wardrobe, it might not suit anyone else either. Easy, but the fabric was not cheap, so I’d rather see it worn by someone I know.
  3. Keep it in the cupboard for the next 12+ years and hope that it looks better on my son than on his Dad…

What would you do?

I think I know what I ought to do, I just can’t quite face it.




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