Top 3 hits of 2016

If you read the lovely Gillian’s blog, Crafting a Rainbow, you might have seen her Top 5 Best Projects of 2016. It’s a simple idea she’s encouraging other people to try. I don’t sew nearly as many garments as Gillian (She makes over 50 things a year! How is this possible?), so I’m going to share my top 3 instead.

  1. Self-drafted Breton striped T-shirtP1120280

I’ve worn this to death since I finished it in the summer. The boatneck shape with 3/4 length sleeves is one of my favourite shapes, and the jersey I thought would be too lightweight when I bought it has actually stretched and hung really well. I should clearly make more of these.

2. Cotton candy pyjama bottomsP1110671

This is another simple make that’s been in heavy rotation this year. The brushed cotton fabric is soft but not too warm. It was worth spending ages wrestling with it during the cutting out, after all.

3. Sea-green Sallie jumpsuitP1120960

I didn’t expect this to be in my top 3 when I finished it. My husband hates it, for one thing. (Clearly jumpsuits fall into the man repeller category unless they’re the black leather Michelle Pfeiffer version.) But it definitely qualifies as secret pyjamas, and yet I think it can be dressed up for summer evenings. The deep teal colour is really gorgeous and so much more interesting than black. Now I just need more occasions to wear it – maybe a holiday to a Greek Island, or a disco themed BBQ party? It’s not something I need two of in my wardrobe, but let’s hope 2017 brings more opportunities to wear it.

What have I learnt this year? That I live in knit tops day-to-day, and that I should make more of them in decent quality lightweight jersey. That you can never have too many pairs of pyjamas in your life. And that repeating the same pattern over and over is a pretty good way to build a wardrobe that fits..

What are your top 5 makes of 2016? (Or even your top 3?!)


  1. Oh my gosh, that last paragraph could be about me, word for word! I love everything in your top 3! 🙂


    • Spooky! Thanks GIllian 🙂 I love getting stuck into something complicated to learn new techniques, but this review has definitely shown me I should make some easy stuff more often.


  2. I love your jumpsuit – it looks amazing and the colour is lovely! Totally agree about pyjamas – just about to make a few more pairs…


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