Scoop-neck white T-shirt

After my T-shirt fail last month, I wanted to get back in the saddle and find out if I’ve learnt from my sins. So here is the redemption.

I’m really happy with this one – it’s clean and simple, it fits (yet I can still move in it) and it’ll go with pretty much everything in my existing wardrobe. I have a feeling this one is going to get lots of wear this summer.


I used the same self-drafted pattern as for the boat-neck T-shirt, but varied the neckline and added a small pocket. This Colette tutorial for binding knit edges was really useful – it is a fiddle getting it on evenly and distributing the stretch around such a large area, but I think it was worth the two hours I spent taking it on and off again.

For the sleeves, I thought I’d try a folded cuff this time for a change – I just winged that part, so if you know a great way to get a more slouchy cuff in lighterweight jersey, please enlighten me.


The fabric is a plain white jersey I bought in Cheltenham last year. It feels like an interlock, so it was more suited to a fitted shape than a fluid one. The stretch recovery on it isn’t great, but I’m hoping the double pre-wash will help prevent it from going out of shape.

That might be it for T-shirts for a while. I’ve got one or two more jersey projects in my queue, but my overlocker needs a service. So next up is curtain-making (snore…) and, if I can get the fit sorted, hopefully some unselfish sewing for a change.

Do you like to sew the same thing on repeat, or is it more fun to switch between different fabrics and patterns each project?


  1. Looks great Janet! I find it very satisfying to make something that I know I’ll get lots of wear from. Sometimes I think I enjoy sewing a pattern more on the second (or further) go as I’m generally more certain of the fit and that it will work out well. However a bit of variety to keep things interesting is also good!


    • Thanks Alex – I’d love to build up a set of TNT patterns that I can come back to (or hack around) again and again. Is there one you’ve made more than any other?


      • I’ve made the Sewaholic Belcarra 5 times now, so that’s my most used pattern. I haven’t really hacked it but find it a very easy style to wear and can see myself making some more!


      • Haha, it was the first pattern where I felt like I’d got the combination of fit and fabric right, so it quickly became the pattern I turned to when my sewing juices needed some rejuvenation!

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