Cotton candy pyjama bottoms


Easy does it. Following Louise’s example over at NotSewSimple, I thought I’d power through a straightforward project for once and make some PJ bottoms. This is the sort of thing that normal people really can sew in one hour with the wind behind them, and such a relief after battling with a coat, trousers and lots of new-to-me knitting skills over the last few months.

The pattern is Simplicity 2290, a beginner’s pattern with just one piece! I first made it over a year ago, and it’s a great quick make because it doesn’t require any fitting – these are proper duvet day pyjamas with an elasticated waist and a simple hem. This time I made the medium rather than the large and used wider elastic.


The fabric is some 150cm-wide brushed cotton I bought from Truro fabrics. It’s not as thick as regular flannel pyjamas so it’s perfect for spring, but it’s oddly slippery and not the easiest to work with. (Must find a good spray-in, wash-out stabiliser you can buy in the UK…) The pink isn’t too lurid, and brightens up my overly grey nightwear drawer.

Next time I think I’ll make a wider casing and a deeper hem to give a more expensive look to them, but for now, they’re perfect for snoozing, lazing around and generally making the most of the last of the winter hibernation period.


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