Christmas goodies

Wow. My family really went to town on the sewing-related gifts this year. (Perhaps they’re reading this blog?) Here are some of the things I received.

Tickets to Sewing for Pleasure, A Guthrie & Ghani gift voucher, a subscription to Love Sewing magazine, the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern and a gift voucher for my local wool shop.

As a result, I’ve spent quite a lot of this Christmas holiday contemplating what to buy, and not much of it making any progress on anything new. I’m full of plans for 2016, but I’m trying to spend at least some time reflecting on 2015.

I’ve really enjoyed getting my sewing space straight this year, and my new machine has made things a lot easier. And I’m slowly finding ways to use the ‘time confetti’ that you get as the parent of a toddler.

Knitting has been a new challenge for me this year and it’s been great fun learning a new skill (and one that you can take on holiday – hurrah!).

My original goals for 2015 have all been started, if not completely conquered. But I think my favourite make of the year was probably the second School Days Jacket I made for my son. Luckily, it still fits him – for now!

Did you get crafty gifts for Christmas? Have you had lots of time to tackle a new project?

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