Is 2015 going as you planned?

Autumn leaves

Autumn is definitely upon us now, and my thoughts are turning to wool fabrics and lots of knitwear. I’ve seen tons of  inspiring Pinterest boards and blog posts packed with autumn sewing plans. While I love reading other people’s, I don’t always enjoy making my own – partly because I worry that I won’t be able to complete everything. (Does anyone else feel like this, or does it not matter if you don’t follow through on all your plans?)

So I thought I should go back to my New Year’s Sewing Resolutions and check up on those first. To recap, my aims were:

1. Re-make some patterns

This is going OK, actually. I re-worked my black 50s sundress to make it fit, and I started the year with a second pair of pyjama trousers from a simple pattern. Plus I also made a second version of my favourite wrap dress pattern.

2. Make a bodice block from my own measurements

This is still on my mind – I just haven’t started yet… I keep re-reading the instructions in Winifred Aldrich’s book – but that’s as far as I’ve got!

3. Hunt down my perfect trouser pattern

This is progressing – my Thurlow shorts (wearable) toile worked out OK, and I’m ready to make a pair of trousers from that pattern now so if that works out, that could be this one solved.

4.Make some more everyday items, like T-shirts

Hmm. Sort of. I did complete my self-drafted punky A-line skirt in the spring before I got distracted by dresses again. But down to business again now. Trousers are definitely the most urgent gap to fill in my wardrobe, but I should probably follow that with some basic T-shirts and tops, given the amount of time I’ve spent moaning to my sisters about poorly fitting, poorly made T-shirts.

5. Try something I think is tricky

Well, I’ve managed a welt pocket. So maybe I should be brave more often – does knitting count?

What’s on your autumn ‘to sew’ list? Or do you prefer more freedom to sew what you fancy?


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