Broadening the mind

Wilkommen aus Berlin!  

I’m in Germany this week. Sewing isn’t the ideal hobby to take around with you: scissors are often banned in your hand luggage, you can’t fit 3m of fabric onto a tray table, and try as I might I cannot get my sewing machine into my suitcase. 

I have hemmed a sleeve on a trip before now, and I’ve dabbled in embroidery but for this trip I thought I’d make my first foray into the wonderfully woolly world of knitting…

Great idea, it turns out. Mr Wardrobe and I took the train with our two-year old son, and it turns out toddlers are fascinated by knitting. Admittedly he mainly just wants to unwind the yarn and poke the needles into things (luckily he’s not yet thought to shove it up his nose), but still. 

I can knit just one or two rows at a time; keep knitting while reading to him/admiring his latest Lego creation; and he’s requested a ‘blue scarf please Mummy’ so that’s my next project sorted too. 

I’m a complete beginner, so I’m using this book as my guide:  

Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel

The yarn is big wool colour by Rowan, and it’s so soft I could sleep on it. And I’m using 10mm bamboo needles by Pony, all bought from The Knitting Parlour in Malvern. 

Here’s how I’m getting on so far.   

Back to reality next week!



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