How do you find time to sew?

Are you a super-productive sewist who turns out a garment (or several) every week?

I’ll let you into a secret: I’m not.

A second pair of these was very quick – definitely the speediest thing I’ve made this year

Since the start of 2015, I think I’ve completed:

  • One duffel coat for my little boy
  • A pair of pyjama bottoms (the same as these) for my husband
  • A skirt and a dress for me
  • I’ve re-worked a dress I made a few years ago (pictures coming soon…)
  • I’ve repaired two skirts, darned a jumper and sewed on a few buttons
  • I did a spot of embroidery on holiday and I’ve run up three cushion covers for our living room.

Not exactly a huge body of work, is it?

I get little pangs of envy when I read about bloggers who can put together a beautifully finished garment in one evening. So I’ve read Tilly’s series of posts on sewing productivity, and Tasia’s tips, and Lauren’s. I can’t swear I’m following all their advice, but I’m trying!

I reckon I get roughly seven hours a week to spend on sewing, and sewing-related things. I spend some of that writing this blog, and some browsing and enjoying other blogs, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. As for the rest? I reckon I might just be a slow sewer – it took me over two hours to cut out a new version of Vogue 8379 on Friday!

How much time do you get to sew in an average week, and do you have any tips for a slow sewer like me?

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