Punky A-line skirt


It’s finished. This is the last of my winter makes – an A-line skirt made from a pattern I drafted from my skirt block. I’m pretty pleased with it, but it wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. For starters the wool mix fabric frayed really badly.


So I had to deploy my overlord overlocker a lot to finish the edges, and I think I need some more practice at judging the seam allowance on an overlocker.

I was planning to line it, but with no waistband, just a facing. I got so tangled up in trying to get the zip in correctly and the facing on neatly that I think I missed my moment to add the lining, and I could face unpicking it. (If anyone can recommend a really clear tutorial on lining a skirt with just a faced waistband, I’d be really grateful.)

My dog decided to get in on the pictures at this point. She has a lovely coat, after all.
My dog decided to get in on the pictures at this point. She has a lovely coat, after all.

On the upside, the pattern fits really well, the darts came out neatly, and I’m very pleased with my first invisible zip. I really should have got around to buying the IZ foot for my machine sooner, I think – now I want to replace all the ordinary zips in my previous makes!

I’m thinking of making another one – although probably not until the autumn. I’ve got two pieces of fabric I could use – a red wool crepe, and a light-medium weight denim. Which would you go for? And for the denim version, how would you alter the design to make it more fun?


  1. the wool crepe would drape beautifully and may be treat the denim along the Alabama Chanin style?


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