Work in progress – with a mystery fabric

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting you. I’m rushed off my feet at work at the moment, so here’s a sneaky peek at the project I’m trying to squeeze into what’s left of my evenings and weekends.


This fabric came from my Grannie’s stash. I’m not really sure what it is – she picked up lots of her fabric at charity shops and in remnant sales, so it could be almost anything. It’s a woven, medium-weight wool sort of fabric, but I think it probably contains a fair proportion of something synthetic too. I was attracted to the crazy blue-green print and thought it might make a great A-line skirt.


I was quite tempted by the pattern on the reverse, too, but I’ve decided to stick with the front for now. (There’s some leftover, so you might see it again!) It also frays pretty badly, so I’ll have to work quickly and overlock the edges. And it’s quite scratchy, too, so I definitely need a lining.

I’ve realised there aren’t nearly enough bottom half garments in my wardrobe, so I’m having a concerted effort to sew more skirts and trousers this year. We’ll see how long I can go before I’m tempted by a gorgeous dress pattern…

I’m using a pattern I’ve created from my skirt block. It’s its first outing, so we’ll see how it goes, and I’ve also had to add a little extra width at the side seams as unfortunately there’s currently a bit more of me than when I drafted the block. Boo. Here’s the pattern laid out on the lining:

My pattern doesn’t have seam allowances, so you can see a 2cm border around the pattern on these lining pieces. I’ve allowed a bit more than the usual 1.5cm so that I can adjust the fit – I didn’t make a toile for this pattern.

It’s just a rough draft at the moment – I expect I’ll need to make some adjustments as I go, but I’m getting excited about all the possibilities. I love a good A-line skirt, and I’m already visualising another version made from some scarlet wool crepe that I have stashed away.

Once I’ve got the shell to fit, I’m planning to put in a concealed zip at the back – another first for me – I only found a concealed zip foot to fit my vintage machine last year so this’ll be its first project. And then I’ll need to work out what to do at the waistline – I prefer the look of a facing rather than a waistband, but this fabric is so itchy I’ll need to find the best way to do that.

If you’ve made a lined A-line skirt, I’d love to see how you did the waistline.


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